February 8, 2020
Sandra Day O'Connor High School, San Antonio

Judges’ Schedule

Judges General Schedule

Judges' Meeting Judges should plan on enjoying some breakfast and waiting for a general meeting of all judges before going to individual room assignments. Breakfast helpers:8:00-8:30 AMSusanne DeJong, Onsite Director (O'Connor) Suzy Holland, Director (Warren) Jennifer Christianson, (Boerne) and Kim McCarron (Brennan) Onsite Food Coordinators
Tab Room (Same as Breakfast/Check-in)Turn in Judges' Packets here!10:00 AMBrigitte Deyle, Director O'Connor and Warren GNHS students Boerne Students
Score RoomOFF LIMITS TO JUDGES10:00 AMJennifer Christianson, Director (Boerne HS) Sandra Biles, (Connally HS)
Awards Assembly3:30ish PMSusanne DeJong, Suzy Holland, Jennifer Christianson
Judges not yet assigned: V.I.J.s (Very Important Judges)Often judges get sick or just do not show up, so we depend on our VIJS to take over!! We are so grateful to you!!!Meet in  for assignmentTeachers: Non Native: UTSA Students : Exchange students: Native speakers:

Judges Arts Schedule

Coordinator: Sandra Biles, Connally HS, Pflugerville Check the German on T-shirts, Posters, Photo Essays: Brigitte Deyle
Club albums$All9 AM - 1PM
Crafts#All9 AM - 1PM
Digital Logo Design%All9 AM - 1PM
Doll Costume*All9 AM - 1PM
GB Houses(Trad)$All9 AM - 1PM
GB Houses (Non-Trad)$All9 AM - 1PM
Needle Work*All9 AM - 1PM
Original Models@All9 AM - 1PM
Photo Essays$All9 AM - 1PM
Photography$All9 AM - 1PM
Poster Design@All9 AM - 1PM
Research Papers%All9 AM - 1PM
Scavenger Hunt(Schnitzeljagd)All9:30 -12:15 PM
Shirt Design#All9 AM - 1PM
Video ShowAll9:30AM -11:30 AM

Judges Drama Schedule

Coordinator: Sandra Biles, Connally, Pflugerville
Skits19:30-10:30 AM
Skits211:30 AM-12:15 PM
Skits310:45-11:30 AM
Skits412:15-12:30 PM
Duet Acting19 AM - 1 PM
Duet Acting29 AM - 1 PM
Duet Acting39 AM - 1 PM
Duet Acting49 AM - 1 PM
Puppet ShowLower9 -10:30 AM
Puppet ShowUpper10:30 AM-12;00 pm

Judges Music Schedule

Judges Music Schedule Coordinator: Claire Weaver, LASA, Austin
Classical Instrumental Ensemble#All9 - 10:30 AM
Contemporary German Music#All10:00-11:30 AM
EinzeltanzAll10:30-11:15 AM
Folk DanceAll11:30-12:00 PM
Polka Band#All10:30 AM-12 PM
Vocal solos*All9:00 AM-1PM

Judges Oral Tests Schedule

Coordinator: Susanne DeJong, O'Connor, San Antonio
Extemp Spkg39 AM - 1PM
Extemp Spkg49 AM - 1PM
Sight Reading19 AM - 1PM
Sight Reading29 AM - 1PM
Sight Reading39 AM - 1PM
Sight Reading49 AM - 1PM
Directed Dialogue29 AM - 1PM
Oral Presentation49 AM - 1PM
Pair Discussion39 AM - 1PM
Directed Dialogue19 AM - 1PM
Extemp SpkgAdvantaged9 AM - 1PM

Timed Tests Schedule

Listening Comprehension
Lower Level (1-2)9-10-11-12
Upper Level (3-4)9:30-10:30-11:30-12:30
Lower Level (1-2)9:30-10:30-11:30-12:30
Upper Level (3-4)9-10-11-12

Timed Tests Schedule

Listening Comprehension
Lower Level (1-2)9-10-11-12
Upper Level (3-4)9:30-10:30-11:30-12:30
Lower Level (1-2)9:30-10:30-11:30-12:30
Upper Level (3-4)9-10-11-12

Judges Declamation Schedule

Coordinator: Claire Weaver, LASA, Austin
CategoryLevelEntrants TimeLocationJudges
Poetry Memory19 AM - 1PM
Poetry Memory29 AM - 1PM
Poetry Memory39 AM - 1PM
Poetry Memory49 AM - 1PM
Poetry Reading19 AM - 1PM
Poetry Reading29 AM - 1PM
Poetry Reading39 AM - 1PM
Poetry Reading49 AM - 1PM
Prose Memory19 AM - 1PM
Prose Memory29 AM - 1PM
Prose Memory39 AM - 1PM
Prose Memory49 AM - 1PM
Prose Reading19 AM - 1PM
Prose Reading29 AM - 1PM
Prose Reading39 AM - 1PM
Prose Reading49 AM - 1PM
Advantaged (Nat)Poetry/Prose Memory9 AM - 1PM